Agar - Nährboden für die Tiere der Übelkeit 


  1. Hello Dear Sichtwiese! You have very fine new banneri and funny mandala-picture :-)

    I'm sorry I haven't visited, but I have had a problem with my Usva-blog. When I was in summer vacation google take off my profile, because I change my name. They send me mail, but I couldn't see it only after I came back. It was too late and now I have made a new nature blog. This art blog is as before. And I just put a new mandala challenge to see. Come with again.

    Best wishes and have a nice new week, Siira

  2. Dear Siira,
    too bad that you're not getting to your blog ... Please will you give me the link to your new blog? I set my mandala for mandalamanday;-)...
    Have a nice evening and a good start on monday, regards, Sichtwiese